In order to implement the spirit of documents including The Implementation Plan of The National Vocational Education Reform, Opinions of the State Council on Comprehensively Deepening the Construction and Reform of The Teaching Staff in the New Era, Action Plan for Revitalizing Teacher Education (2018-2022), Opinions of the Ministry of Education on the Implementation of the Excellent Teacher Training Scheme, in response to the national “One Belt And One Road” initiative and the trend of expanding reform and opening up in vocational education, it serves the “one belt and one road” cooperation in education connectivity, so as to improve the connotation of vocational colleges construction quality, internationalization level of running schools and the level of internationalization of vocational colleges construction, and achieve the characteristics of high-level vocational colleges construction goals. Australia Vocational Education Alliance introduced Australian quality English teaching ability and teaching methods online training program and developed “Belt And Road Teaching in English Teachers Training Program” certificate.

Belt and Road Teaching in English Teachers Training Program includes two course modules, trainees can choose one or both modules to learn.

Module 1

The basic method of English teaching: focusing on the improvement of professional English ability

1. Master English language communication skills, understand and respect multi-cultures, and establish a good and effective communication mechanism with institutions and students in Belt and Road countries as well as other countries

2. Improve the understanding of relevant industries, master the necessary professional English skills and professional English promotion strategies;

3. Learn to use the language flexibly, teach specialized courses in English and improve the ability and confidence of teaching in English;

4. Master the international teaching methods applicable to the Belt and Road countries and other countries so as to make the teaching process smoothly and efficiently;


Module 2

English teaching design method: focuses on the improvement of English teaching ability

1. Learn student-centered teaching strategies to stimulate students’ interest in learning and improve their participation in class;

2. Be outcome-oriented, help students improve their learning efficiency and achieve their learning goals.

3. Understand the characteristics of online learning and develop effective teaching strategies;

4. Through reflective teaching practice to constantly improve and improve the quality of teaching

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