The Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is becoming very popular internationally. A number of training providers in other countries are assisting their trainers to gain the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

This is the course that all Vocational Teachers and organisations (including the Colleges in China who teach TAFE courses)

Across the Asia-Pacific region there is strong demand for upskilling in the area of training and assessment. Quality trainers and assessors are the foundation of a modern industry relevant training system. As many countries attempt to increase their skill levels, the demand for high quality trainers and assessors grows.

The international training & assessment courses are a set of internationally-relevant courses developed by the Australian Government, under the International Skills Training (IST) initiative. The courses have been developed in partnership with industry, to help support the global demand for skilled trainers and assessors.

The three courses fulfil different training and assessment needs. The TVET Trainer Course and TVET Assessor Course provide learners with a vocational background, the skills to train or assess learners in their industry of expertise.

The TVET Advanced Trainer and Assessor Course gives learners the skills to take up a leadership role within a training organisation, enterprise or industry.

As an international education organisation, Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA) together with TAFEs and other Australian Vocational Education Institutes have been dedicated in designing and delivering quality training programs to excellent teachers from vocational colleges, applied universities around the world.

Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA) has also been officially recognised as the IST Approved Partner by Australian Federal Government, which makes AVEA the first IST Approved Partner that delivers IST programs in China.

On the other hand, AVEA welcome prominent teachers who have a passion in vocational education and are willing to work with us. Those who pass the interview will be able to become AVEA qualified Lecture or Trainer.

List of the certificates we can offer:

Digital Networking and Digital Marketing
  • Certified Blockchain Practitioner
  • Certified Growth Hacker – Data Driven Marketing

Both aim at people working in various businesses. Digital networking and digital marketing are areas with a large potential for the future.

  • HL7 Certification
  • HL7 FHIR Basics

This aims at people working in healthcare-related businesses as IT-specialists, programmers or project managers. HL7 is a standard when it comes to exchange of health data between institutions.

Information and Communication Technology
  • IKT Basics – Foundation Level
  • IKT Certification – Advanced Level
  • Requirements Engineering (CPRE)
  • UXQCC – User Experience Certification

Network compatibility is a universal feature in electronic devices nowadays. Our courses are directed at people working in information and communication technology, network security and mobile communications.

User experience and usability are the core of these courses, directed at people specializing in a company’s user centered design processes.

In their duration, all courses range from 2.5 to 9 days (exception: IKT Advanced with 21 days). They end with an exam and a certificate, proving the students‘ proficiency and know-how in their field of specialization.

Business Field
  • SCRUM (introduction, master,…)
  • Agile (project management, sketching,…)
  • Design Thinking
  • Remote (collaboration, leadership)
  • Lean Management for Production
  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Risk Management
  • Six Sigma (basics and professional)
  • Compliance Officer