China-Australia International College is the strategy of internationalization to support vocational education and the world-class construction project of Chinese colleges and universities. Internationalization of education is an important work and internal driving force to improve the comprehensive level of Chinese schools in the new era. The internationalization of education should be promoted as the strategic planning of school development, the top-level design should be strengthened to seek a breakthrough and foothold, so as to form a point with the surface of the promotion effect. To build an international college with international communication ability and international influence is an important goal of the construction of China’s high-level vocational colleges in the new era.

Our Purpose

Clarify the mission of the International College in the field of vocational education and training.

In order to realize the mission, eight key construction objectives of the International College have been determined.

And a set of development strategies and processes are formulated to achieve the goals.

Cooperation Framwork of China-Australia International College


    Eight Key Construction areas

  •            Adopt the international standard to lead the professional certification paradigm
  •            The TAFE model is integrated to create a full quality teaching system
  •            Introduce international vocational qualification courses to improve the quality of competency-based teaching
  •            In viture of nternational teacher certification and training advantages to build a high-level team of teachers
  •            Build a talent training channel between China and Australia
  •            Give full play to the advantages of international industrial training and services, open up society training, and support the upgrading of the service secto
  •            Cooperate with international industry and education resources, promote the linkage of R&D, teaching and entrepreneurship, and promote the incubation of innovation environment and the cultivation of entrepreneurial talents
  •            Implement outcome-oriented international paradigm professional certification and carry out the full quality life cycle diagnosis improvement system
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