Beijing Business School

a Reformer and Bearer in Sino-Au Cooperation


As one of the key vocational education providers of China, Beijing Business School has determined to make its tie with AVEA deeper, better and stronger.

Beijing Business School, a believer in academic pursuits

The school will continue to build on its educational resources. The developments of course quality is the footstone for future. Beijing Business School will draw on its advantage and become more competitive among its peers.



Techers are the key to success

Excellent teachers are the core to win the future. Beijing Business School will spare no efforts to make its teachers competitive across the country, so that its goal of going global can be better fulfilled.




Training students shall also be the key to any education provider. Beijing Business School seeks to arm its students with international landscape and knowledge. In so doing, the school forged cooperation with AVEA, so that more innovative approaches can be applied to train students