Guangxi Electrical Polytechnic Institute

                                                                                             A Pace-Setter in Going Global by Offering its Teachers International Training

In the era of globalization, Guangxi Electrical Polytechnic Institute (GEPI), a leader in vocational education in China, strives to expand its global reach by introducing IST, which is a well-renowned international course for teacher training.  Melbourne Institute of Technology offered to deliver the course. 28 teachers from the school received IST certificates and the whole training session lasted 4 months, which helped teachers to develop a deeper understanding of TAFE approach and Australian Qualification Framework. The school will continue its efforts of creating international reputation by introducing more courses from its counterparts in Australia.

For the 4-month period of training, teachers from both China and Australia shared their philosophy of vocational education, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. Teachers from GEPI highly regarded this training and they are determined to bring what they had learnt into their teaching practice, so that empowerment to vocational education in China can be made.

In sum, GEPI endeavors to help its teachers gain more exposure to sophisticated education approach across the globe. Going forward, more lecturers and senior trainers from Australia will come to China for academic discussion and professional development, which is expected to be stimulus for the further development of vocational education in China.