Rizhao Polytechnic

A New Long March for its Education Odyssey  


Rizhao Polytechnic is the standard setter in China’s vocational education and has won national rewards for consecutive years. In its pursuit to become the top university, Rizhao Polytechnic works hard in removing barriers, and managed to temper an excellent team of teachers.

In 16th September, 2019, Rizhao Polytechnic, in partnership with AVEA, saw the inauguration of Sino-Au Teacher Center, whose aims are to create an international institute for teachers to share their experience.



Last year, Rizhao Polytechnic held TVET training session, which lasted 3 months. Teachers from Rizhao Polytechnic and other brother schools all had access to this training.This event will help China vocational education institute build global contacts and improve their international exposure.



2020 is the beginning year of China’s double First-Rate university projects. AVEA, in partnership with Rizhao Polytechnic, shall offer more quality service for China’s universities.