Rizhao Polytechnic

A New Long March for its Education Odyssey  


Rizhao Polytechnic is the standard setter in China’s vocational education and has won national rewards for consecutive years. As an institute that boasts of a history of 33 years, Rizhao Polytechnic, in its pursuit to become the leader in China’s vocational education, received tremendous help from the government and works hard in removing barriers caused by educational system so that a well-trained team of teachers are available.



In the realization of Double High Initiative, Rizhao Polytechnic in partnership with AVEA saw the inauguration of China-Australia Teacher Competency Development Center in 2019, whose aims are to create an international institute for teachers to share their experience, expertise and exercise. Thanks to the center, a 3-month IST training session was held and 201 teachers from over 6 colleges attended the training. This event enabled the center to play a bigger role in China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative by offering teachers nationwide access to advanced approach in vocational education.



More importantly, 2020, which marked the beginning year for China’s Double First-Class Initiative, will be essential for the further development of China’s vocational education. AVEA will closely cooperate with Rizhao Polytechnic to offer quality and advanced training for Chinese teachers for the improvement of China’s vocational education.