National (China) Institute of Education Sciences Delegation Vistied Australia

Invited by Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA), the delegation of National (China) Institute of Education Sciences, leaded by Dr. Cheng Sun, the director of Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education, visited Australia in 1 to 9 December, 2018. Other members of the delegation included Mr. Caichen Lu and Dr. Yunying Du.

During this visit, the delegation focused on Australian vocational education system and other topics, carrying out research and in-depth exchanges with the International Group of Australia Department of Education and Training, TAFE Directors Australia, Australia Vocational Education Alliance, TAFE NSW and University of Technology Sydney.

While visiting Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA). Professor Barry Guan introduced the bond between AVEA and China, as well as China-Australia Vocational Education Cooperation project supported by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, which is currently focusing on the education model reform of Accounting and Early Childhood Education for 11 vocational high schools and colleges in Beijing.

In this visit, the Australia Vocational Education Alliance has contributed an effective communication between China and Australia in vocational education sector. And the face-to-face communication had eliminated the confusion on the vocational education system of both China and Australia.

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