Short-term Academic Changes to Australia for Teachers in Vocational Education Sector

Period:two or three weeks

Teachers in vocational education sector go to TAFE College and industrial enterprises in Australia to conduct in-depth study visits, professional practice and expand the international vision of vocational education teachers, understand the international rules of vocational education, so as to enhance the theoretical and practical teaching ability of vocational education.


Long-term Academic Exchanges/Visiting Scholar Program for Teachers in Vocational Education Sector

Period: 3 months/6 months/12 months

Contents: Obervation of lectures +research project+work experience+professional certificate

  • Obervation of lectures: Australian colleges will provide the same or similar curriculum for participating teachers based on their professional background so that Chinese teachers can attend lectures and observe regularly. There are also opportunities for Chinese teachers to be invited to provide administrative support in these courses and build good relationships with Australian students so as to increase their understanding of Australian curriculum, culture and institutional structure.
  • Research project: The Australian colleges will provide Chinese teachers with office space, network access and work support to enable them to smoothly carry out approved research projects. Under the premise of the agreement between China and Australia, Australian teachers of relevant majors can provide Suggestions, assistance and cooperation for Chinese teachers’ scientific research projects.
  • Work experience: Participating teachers will work under the supervision and guidance of the department head of the relevant major of the Australian colleges. 
  • The International departments or departments of Australian colleges will invite Chinese teachers to participate in the reception of international delegations from time to time, as well as translation (interpreting and translation), administrative assistance, etc.

         All support provided is free of charge, but upon completion of their Australian exchange programs, all work and achievements involved are documented to support their career development.

  • Customized training courses: all training courses can be customized for Chinese teachers in accordance with requirements, including certificate in professional and general field, certificate in competency, etc.