Resource Platform and Practice Teaching Environment Construction

Based on professional full quality management, the construction of information infrastructure, teaching business process information platform and data analysis and intelligent decision-making platform, by means of information, the whole link quality data monitoring can be realized at the levels of school governance, professional construction, curriculum construction, teacher development and student development. Our aim is to build standard application scenarios, index dynamic analysis, and the process of early warning surveillance and tasks can have horizontal longitudinal comparison, in order to support in the international college of high education informatization development.

Construction of Indicator System

According to the five standards of Chinese colleges and universities, such as work standard, scale and structure standard, quality and benefit standard, innovation and development ability standard, and quality environment construction standard, the target and framework are established to lay a solid foundation for the informationization and intelligentization of the whole college.

High-level Professional Group Construction

Professional standards and curriculum construction of vocational education

Foreign experts of the Sydney Agreement were selected to carry out training, consultation and guidance on the “International paradigm standards and Professional Construction of the Sydney Agreement“, to make an in-depth interpretation of the international paradigm standards of the Sydney Agreement, and to guide the optimization direction and content of the talent training program. Sort out the personnel training objectives, students’ graduation requirements, and guide the revision and examination of professional personnel training programs and the formulation of a new version of the personnel training program. Follow up the implementation of talent training program continuously, carry out the correlation degree analysis of graduation requirements, curriculum system, faculty and support conditions in the personnel training objectives, so as to form a professional full quality life cycle rectification process.

TAFE Model Reform


  • Practice the TAFE in advance and lead the experiment and demonstration of international vocational education education and teaching reform.
  • Build a contingent of internationalized and leading vocational education teachers in the same field of China.
  • Based on the Australian Vocational Qualification Framework and training package and develop curriculum in cooperation and build a “competency-based” vocational education curriculum system.

  • Train a group of internationalized, high quality and compound professional and technical talents to meet the needs of future development.
  • Learn from The TAFE, change the teaching and learning mode of vocational education, and innovate the talent assessment method and evaluation system.
  • Accumulate high-quality curriculum, teaching and evaluation resources of the project, output excellent scientific research and academic achievements of the project, and form the promotion mechanism of project methods and procedures.