TAFE Pilot Project Managed to Hold its Fourth Teacher’s Experience Exchange



The last month of 2020 saw a successful seminar of TAFE pilot project, where participants had access to how to assess and train students based on TAFE’s framework. Currently, two TAFE pilot projects, which are accounting and early childhood education, have landed in China. Participants of the two projects worked together to prepare study material for future reference. In addition, those who engaged in TAFE programs also shared their expectations for the next stage, so that more innovative teaching approaches can be available for students.



Ms.Wang Yubo, who is the leader of Beijing vocational education institute, gave instructions on how to train students based on TAFE framework. She gave specific focus on the application of CBT approach, which, in her opinion, could conform to the demands of China’s future needs. The seminar also set goals respectively for the next stage of TAFE pilot project, where participated schools shall share different workload of preparing teaching material.

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